Treatment Testimonials

treatment testimonials

Take a moment and read what clients have to say about the neurotherapy treatment, counseling and specialized partnerships we provide.

Change Clients have reported after a few treatment(s)
I feel happier Better appetite control
I fell calmer Improved sex drive
I like school more I can handle things better
My homework is easier My thinking is clearer
My friends like being around me more Friends and co-workers tell me I am smiling more

ADHD Treatment

We brought our 10-year-old son to TRS for Neurofeedback treatment to help with severe ADHD and emotional control problems. He has many wonderful qualities, but was very inflexible in many areas. He couldn’t control his anger and emotional reactions at home or at school with his teachers. We were called to school several times to pick him up because of behavioral problems. He is also a very bright child, but was unable to make good grades in school. He would learn how to do things at home and then fail the test the next day because he couldn’t remember what he had learned or focus during class.

When we came to TRS, he was taking a full dose of stimulant medication in the morning before school and would go to the nurse in the afternoon for more. He needed it just to get through the day, and we were worried about the long-term negative side effects. It also didn’t seem to be helping with his focus and emotional control problems. He began to exhibit signs of depression and talked about wanting to kill himself on more than one occasion.

Because of our unusual schedule, we did 30 Neurofeedback treatment sessions once or twice a day for 3 weeks during a school break. Dr. Tate worked during that time on calming the hyperactivity and increasing his emotional awareness and control. When our son went back to school (with no medications at all), the teacher was so impressed with the changes in his increased learning ability and calmer emotional reactions that she said she was going to take her daughter to get Neurofeedback treatment. She said he was still having a hard time focusing, but he wasn’t getting upset and he was very cooperative.

        (Reduced Meds)

We were able to adjust his medications to a smaller dose just in the morning to help him focus at school. Since that time three months ago, he has been making very good grades. He is doing well on all of his class assignments, is maintaining good behavior in class, and he is able to relate better to the other kids in his class.  He is making more friends. When we have time, we will do more Neurofeedback treatment to address the focus problems. But for now, we are very grateful that he is getting through school with good grades and is relating better to his peers.


I am a 48 year old male that has had major trouble sleeping, as well as lived with high stress levels since my premature birth in 1963. As a child, I would rock my head and body uncontrollably until I would wear myself out to sleep. As an adult, I dealt with my problems through the heavy use of alcohol and prescription medications. I had resigned myself to a tired, stressed out, foggy life, sometimes wishing the end would come, just so I could rest.

I was so lucky to discover the Neuro-Feedback treatment services of Dr. Tate, and in the past 6 months, my life has completely changed. I no longer have to drink or take pills to calm myself down. The treatment I received have removed most of my stress, and my body no longer craves these substances. I am much more calm and stable, and am beginning to sleep normally for the first time in my life. My doctor has also worked with me to cut my blood pressure medication in half because my readings were consistently too low after starting the neuro treatment.

The Neuro-Feedback treatment have added quality years to my life, for sure, and have vastly improved the quality of my everyday life, especially relationships with my wife & children. I am so thankful that I am finally getting the proper diagnoses/treatment for what has ailed me my entire life. I highly recommend these services to anyone experiencing sleep/stress disorders, or anything else that interferes with the quality of life.


I came to TRS for Neurofeedback treatment training because I had been using Ambien for 3 years to sleep, and I wanted to improve/restore my natural sleep and discontinue the medication. I needed the Ambien to fall asleep each night, I often awoke during the night, and I did not feel rested during the day. The poor sleep was negatively impacting my ability to focus and have energy during my work day. I also found myself struggling to organize my thoughts during important meetings.

During the first 25 sessions of Neurofeedback treatment, I was able to completely wean off of Ambien. I began getting tired at the appropriate times in the evening, and I could eventually fall asleep without taking it. Now, if I do wake up at night, I am able to go back to sleep without medication. I also wake up feeling more rested and no longer feel fatigued during the day at work.


I started Neurofeedback treatment training as a 38-year-old female. Wanting to pursue a new career and I was beginning to experience PMS depression each month, as well as anxiety regarding relationships and the future. I was also starting a new educational program and found myself unable to focus and study in my courses. This was new for me since I had always been an exceptional student. Feeling tired and unmotivated most of the time. I went to counseling, read books, and tried everything I knew to help myself, yet I couldn’t seem to control what was going on inside me. Medication was not what I wanted, so I was eager to see if Neurofeedback treatment could help.

I noticed after the first few sessions that I was able to sit and study for hours.  Having the renewed ability to absorb information like I used to be able to do. I also noticed that I was more happy and motivated about the future, and I began getting involved in dancing and other social activities.

Eventually, the PMS depression and anxiety were completely gone. I was excited about the future and started planning a new business and my career. It’s like my brain was finally cooperating with all the things I wanted to do and be in life and I wasn’t “stuck” in fear and confusion about what to do next. I accomplished more in the next 5 years after NFT than I had the previous 20 years put together. It was not a magical cure for all my problems, but it seemed to provide what was missing to stabilize my emotions and motivate me to reach my potential in my career and relationships.

Stress Treatment

I started Neurofeedback treatment simply because the doctor said I needed to increase my blood pressure medication, and I did not want to do that. After less than 10 sessions, my readings were lower and I never had to increase my medication. That was six years ago.


I am a 69 year old clinical psychologist in private practice for 36 years. Since childhood I have had anxiety with worries, some panic attacks, sleep disturbance and guilt. I have practiced many tecniques including yoga, meditation, cognitive therapy, EMDR as well as having a healthy living style. All these have helped. However, after several months of neurofeedback treatment, I consistently have a great sense of well being, with a great reduction of unreal fears and guilt, great sleep, and higher productivity. I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. I am grateful to Dr. Tate for her help and expertise.


Our 15 year old daughter suffered from severe insomnia, and some real anxiety, as she experienced the demands of her sophomore year of high school and a rigorous academic program.  To some extent she also had obsessive thoughts that contributed to her actual fear of not sleeping. Sometimes she would go up to three days straight without sleeping, and life for all of us would spiral into chaos. She also had a very difficult time with any kind of transition or when her routine was interrupted. Family vacations were very difficult because the routine shifted.  What should have been a relaxing break ended up being laden with stress. It was a true challenge for our entire family. 

We met with Dr. Tate and her team in late August and by February our daughter had demonstrated incredible growth and progress.  She sleeps well most evenings, and shows very little anxiety today.  This past weekend was a true test as she was able to go with her church youth group for a long weekend away, and had a great time.  She indicated she was able to sleep. Was able to even enjoy the 8-hour bus ride and just relax (in the past she would really obsess in these situations).  We are so very thankful for this support, and for not needing to use medications that would have had side effects.  God Bless you all!


My son has been struggling with depression since age 10. He is now 20 years old. In the past 10 years, he has also exhibited rebellion and anger issues. After the very first Neurofeedback treatment with TRS, he was more cooperative and less argumentative. After 5 sessions, he was much less depressed and was cooperative in helping with family tasks.

Recently, he was driving and lost the clutch on his car. In the past when something went wrong with his car, he would go into a rage, act completely unreasonable, and blame everyone around him for the problem. I was shocked when his response this time was calm and logical. He did not lash out in anger toward anyone. He called me and said, “Mom, have you ever had one of those days when things just don’t go well?” I wondered who this person was and what he had done with my son. Unlike times past, he took the car breakdown in stride, and helping him get his car fixed was much less stressful and easier on everyone in the family. 

Emotional Regulation

Our son, 9, was having a difficult time controlling his temper since he was 4. When something made him frustrated there was a tipping point where he would just rage. It didn’t seem like anything we did was able to control it, other than waiting for it to pass. We read books, took him to therapy for over a year with no progress. We then took him to get his brain mapped and there was a scientific explanation, a part of his brain that controlled emotion was under developed.

After 10 neurofeedback treatment sessions our life was altered. All the ‘just try this’ steps from the books were now working! We could tell he had more control, and his behavior was a choice now.  Which is why we could now work on repairing the pattern of behavior he was used to. It has been an amazing experience for our family, and truly life altering for our son. He has a new level of confidence with his ever growing self-control. We cannot recommend this enough- Dr. Tate’s knowledge in this field is outstanding!

Emotional Regulation

We sought Dr. Tate’s services for my 7-year-old son because his behavior had been a major problem in school since kindergarten. Previously diagnosed with autism and ADHD, but I suspect he had undiagnosed Oppositional Defiance Disorder as well. We were getting calls from the principal on an almost daily basis with reports of extreme temper tantrums, aggressive and violent behavior, and refusal to do anything asked of him. Then came the summer where he got kicked out of 3 different summer camps. Referred to neurofeedback therapy by Colorado Psychiatry Center, we started him with neurofeedback therapy sessions 3 times a week, with the expectation of 50-50 sessions, and the difference was drastic after just one week. All of the teachers comment on how well behaved and happy he is now. We no longer get calls from the school administrators constantly. My some has made so many friends now and even started to like music (he hated it before). I was truly at my wit’s end, feeling like I had nothing left to offer my son that could help him, but Dr. Tate and her amazing team helped my son do a 180-degree turn for the better. I now recommend this therapy to everyone I can.

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