Beautiful woman enjoying life

Neurofeedback therapy helps with...

Beautiful woman enjoying life

Neurofeedback therapy helps with...

Beautiful woman enjoying life

Neurofeedback therapy helps with...

Beautiful woman enjoying life

Neurofeedback therapy helps with...


TRS offers neurofeedback services for Denver, Lakewood, and surrounding areas

TRS Neurofeedback offers neurotherapy, counseling, and QEEG readings for the Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, Golden, and other Denver Metro areas in Colorado.

Neurofeedback helps the brain cooperate with individuals in the improvements they have struggled for years to achieve in their lives. The beauty of restructuring brainwaves is that the changes can be permanent, often without the use of medications, when the basics of brain health are followed and an environment of physical and emotional health is present to support the regular changes achieved in training.

Disorders TRS Neurofeedback treats includes ADHD, emotional control, sleep issues, anxiety and stress issues, early dementia and memory issues, energy and motivation, and more.

Neurofeedback helps adults & children build a foundation for a better life by restructuring basic brainwave patterns and mental/emotional processes. Neurofeedback and Biofeedback create a better foundation for:

  • – Restful, restorative sleep
  • – Attention, focus, memory and overall executive function
  • – Emotional health and regulation
  • – Healthy relationships
  • – Living free of medications with multiple negative side effects
  • – Optimal performance in physical, academic, and creative endeavors
  • – Motivation and energy to live your dreams and adventures

Yvonne B. Tate, Ph.D., LPC, BCN, TRS Neurofeedback

Dr. Yvonne Tate has over 17 years of Neurofeedback experience and more than 2,000 QEEG assessments. She is one of the leading experts in her field.

Shelli Myles, LPC

Shelli specializes in developmental trauma and she is an expert in a specific type of Neurofeedback called Multivariate Coherence training which she does at our office. See an explanation of this type of training at

Melissa Micnhimer, LPC

Melissa does therapy in our office at an affordable rate to help clients who need both Neurofeedback and counseling.  She is licensed and certified in EMDR and works with a wide range of issues with clients of all ages.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Why Choose TRS Neurofeedback?

Why Choose TRS Neurofeedback? EXPERIENCE is KEY because Neurotherapy is a combination of both art and science. So it is important to understand the following:

Anyone can learn to run Neurofeedback sessions in a short amount of time

However, it takes years of experience and training to really understand:

– What you are seeing in the EEG.

– How to select effective protocols based on an accurate assessment of what is going on.

– How to change protocols based on client response.

Dr. Tate has been Board Certified in Neurofeedback since 2006.

She also completed qualifications to teach the Didactic course for Board Certification in Neurofeedback in 2016.

– Certification demonstrates professionalism and adherence to carefully developed standards as a health care provider.

– TRS maintains a practice of excellence through:

– Attaining the highest licensure and certification standards.

– Attending professional conferences and regular trainings in the latest research and methodologies.

– Partnering with other outstanding providers in the health care field to ensure competence, ethical practice, and the most effective results for clients.

– Offering multiple types of Neurofeedback to achieve optimal results with a wide range of client issues.